Cray Slide Cleats and Clamps

Cray Slide Cleats and Clamps


Designed to provide strong flange to flange joint.


  • Cray slide cleats and clamps designed for fast assembly of flange to flange joints
  • Cray slide cleats made from galvanized steel sheet as per ASTM A 653 Z 275 and ASTm A 924 corresponding to BS EN 10346, Grade DX51D + Z275.
  • Cray Clamps are manufactured form cold rolled steel and electro galvanized after manufacturing to provide corrosion resistance.
  • Ideal for residential, commercial and industrial application.


20mm Slide cleat designed for 20mm Flange CFL20.

30mm Slide cleat designed for 30mm Flange CFL30

40mm Clamp designed for 40mm Flange CFL40

25mm Slide cleat designed for 25mm Flange CFL25

35mm Slide cleat designed for 35mm Flange CFL35